Thursday, October 4, 2012


If you had to list the priorities and main objectives of your basketball program what would they be?  If you were to ask one hundred coaches chances are you would not get two answers that are exactly the same.  It is important for your program to have some specific priorities and objectives that every coach knows from the head coach and down through your youth programs. These priorities and objectives should be kept in mind when you make out every practice plan and prepare for every game.  Having these priorities and objectives are great, but putting them into action is what's needed.

Below is an example of what a program's priorities and objectives might look like.  As stated earlier, there is no one perfect example as every program's list will look different. 

1. Our teams will represent our community the right way.
2. Our players will enjoy being a part of this program.
3. Our players will know that our team/program is bigger than themselves.
4. Our teams will play an aggressive style of basketball.
5. Our team will take pride in playing team defense.
6. Our team will not be out-worked.  We will take pride in winning 50-50 battles.
7. Our coaches will be organized.
8. Our teams will be prepared, know what is to be done, and will understand our gameplans.

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