Monday, August 3, 2015


The following is a play that Latvia ran vs Serbia in the U18 European Championship.
The first diagram shows the point guard passing to 4 on the wing.  2 clears out to the opposite corner.  3 starts to move towards 4.  5 steps up.

In the second diagram 4 passes to 5.  5 immediately reverses the ball to 2.  As soon as 4 passed the ball 3 sets a screen for 4.  4 cuts to the ball side block.  If 4 is open 2 will pass them the ball.
In the third diagram 5 sets a screen for 3 to complete screen the screener action.  3 will first look for the shot on the catch.
If 3 does not get a catch and shoot off the screen, then 5 will come back to set a ball screen for 3.  3 attempts to turn the corner off the screen.  1 will also slide to the open area to give 3 a passing angle.

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