Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Your team just got beat in the playoffs, and your season just ended. What now? In the first few days that follow the last day of a the season a coach's emotions are still all over the place. Coaches constantly wonder what they could have done differently in that last game that could have helped their season continue. Hindsight is still 20/20, right? As coaches, we typically struggle with the end because we all want to win. We want to advance as far as we can in the playoffs. It's part of our competitive nature that we strive to win, win, win. These emotions will eventually settle, and that is when coaches gain a clearer perspective of the experiences of the season. 

To keep moving forward, after the completion of your season, coaches should consider the following:

1. Keep things in perspective. Whether your team won 30 games, or finished in last place, remember the big picture. 
  • How much progress did your team make during the season?
  • Did your team follow and live by the core values of your program?
  • Did your players enjoy the experience?
  • In twenty years do you think your players will say they are glad they were part of this team?

 2. Even though the season has ended your job as a coach has not ended.
  • What message/theme do you want to have for your post-season meeting with your team?
  • Have your planned your team banquet?
  • Will you have exit meetings with each of your players? 
  • What kind of off-season opportunities have you planned for your players?
    • Workouts
    • Strength Training
    • Camps
    • Leagues and/or tournaments
  • What teams do you want to add/delete to next year's schedule?
  • Will you be making an changes or additions to your coaching staff?
  • Are there any style of play changes you need to make with the personnel you have coming back next season?