Wednesday, July 4, 2012


*Defensive blockout
*Offensive rebounding

*Two lines, one at each elbow and two lines, one at each lane-line along the baseline
*Coach is out on the perimeter with a ball.

*In this diagram the triangles are in maroon and are the defenders. The circles are in gold and on offense.
*The goal of each player is to have their practice jersey on the maroon side when the drill is over.
*Coach shoots the ball.
*The two defensive players box out the two offensive players. All four players attempt to get the rebound.
*Whichever team gets the rebound, that group will be maroon. The two player team that did not get the rebound will be in gold. This means that if gold got the rebound, they then have to switch their practice jersey to maroon and then go to the baseline lines. And the maroon team then has to turn their practice jersey to gold, and go to the two lines out at the elbows.
*Coach will tell the team the length (minutes) of the drill before the drill starts.
*At the end of the drill the players who are wearing maroon, win. The players that are wearing gold, lose. Coach can set a reward for winners or have losers do extra running or push-ups.

The purpose of this drill is obviously to work on blocking out, rebounding, and offensive rebounding.  This drill can be a real teaching point for offensive rebounding as the coach can talk to players about the probable direction the ball will bounce off the rim based on where the shot came from.  This drill also creates a high level of intensity in your players.  Coaches can determine the level of intensity and physicality based on how much they 'let go'.  You could have players ending up on the floor, diving on the floor, and yelling on rebounds.  Not only is rebounding practiced in this drill, but it also helps create an aggressive nature within your players.

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