Sunday, August 19, 2012


Thank you to the coaches who took the time to submit a response to the Coaches Share.  It is incredible to think about how much we, as coaches, can learn from each other.

This week's Coaches Share question: How much time do you spend on free throw shooting during practice?  Do you have any good free throw shooting drills to share?

"I make sure to incorporate free throw shooting drills immediately after drills that make my players tire out. This way the free throws are executed when the players are puffing and it's more like a game situation.  Usually I get them to shoot 10 free throws each. After they've completed them, they must report to an assistant to get their makes out of 10 jotted down. This holds the players accountable to improve on their current free throw percentage as they can see their progress (or lack of progress)."
 ~ Coach Mac

"We have our players shoot 5 free throws three different times throughout practice.  We try our best to have them shoot those free throws after a tough drill so their legs are tired."
~Coach T.L.

"I have my team do a variety of things with free throws during practice as I don't have any one philosophy on when to shoot them, or how many to shoot.  At the end of at least one practice per week the players have to make 20 free throws before they can leave the gym.  Seems to be a lot of focus with them at that time because the reward is that their practice is over when they make their 20th free throw.  The one downside to this is that players are leaving the gym at different times, which I don't always like but free throw are important so I feel the trade is ok."
~Coach Davis

"At some point during practice, usually after a drill that tired out the players, we shoot ten free throws.  One drill we do (probably once a week) is we shoot pressure free throws.  Each player shoots ten free throws.  I set a number of free throws made as a goal - which is usually 75%.  For each free throw under 75% they run what we call a Tiger (our nickname) which is a sprinting drill.  So making four less free throws would equal four Tigers.  If the team meets the goal we do not run."
~Coach B (IL)

"We chart our players free throws each day in practice.  At the end of the week we have an award for the best free throw percentage for the week.  Usually the award is a Gatorade, nothing big, but it is something that motivates the players."
~Coach Marty

"Our players have to make 15 free throw a day in practice.  They make some of them during our free throw shooting period which is usually seven minutes.  If they don't make 15 during that time then they make the rest of them after practice."
~Coach Scott (NY)

"Keep it simple.  Shoot them when they are tired."
~Coach A.R. (FL)

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  1. Good thread and responses. Something I got from Vance Walberg, and love, is the winning team shoots a free throw at the end of any competitive drill to prove it. They miss they lose too and do the punishment.


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