Sunday, January 27, 2013


1. Shorten the length of practices as the season progresses. 
  • Keeping your players fresh is important.  As you get into the last 1/3 of your season you may want to consider shortening the length of practices.  Fewer minutes on the court can be a psychological boost to your team.
2. It's ok to have some fun in the gym on occasion - just for the sake of having fun.
  • Organizing some fun basketball related activities at the end of an occasional practice session will keep your players spirits up.  Get your work done first, then allow your players to experience some fun together on the court.  Let them see the coaches enjoying it too.
3. Give your players a day off. 
  • If your schedule allows you to give your players a day off, go ahead and do it if you feel your players need it.  Make sure you give your team enough practice time before your next game though.  
4. Add a variety of new drills to your practice routine.
  • Coaches emphasize in practice what they want their teams to be good at - or known for.  Those emphasized areas are drilled throughout every practice.  As the season progresses coaches need to create a variety of drills to emphasize these priorities.
5. Without overloading your team, add new X's and O's to your team's inventory.
  • Adding a new wrinkle to your offense or defense can add some much needed excitement to your players.  
6. Arrange for a guest speaker to visit with your team.
  • Give your players a chance to be motivated by others outside your program.  Bring in an ex-player, a business leader in your community, a respected teacher, or someone who has experienced success in their area of expertise to deliver an inspirational message to your team.
7. Have your team re-evaluate team goals that were set early in the season.
  • Allow your team to meet without the coaching staff to discuss and possibly adjust the goals that were set at the beginning of the season.  It is possible that the goals may need to be scaled back.  Or it could be that they would like create even higher goals for the remainder of the season.
8. Organize team bonding activities.
  • Getting your team together outside of the gym is important.  It allows them to have fun and get to know one another better without having to deal with the rigors of basketball.

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