Tuesday, June 18, 2013


2 or 8 is a free throw shooting drill that includes both pressure shooting and conditioning.  This drill is best utilized with two players shooting at one basket.

Player A goes to the free throw line while Player B rebounds for them.  Player A will shoot free throws until they either make 8 in a row or miss 2 in a row.  If Player A misses 2 in a row before they make 8 in a row they run a predetermined number of sprints.  If Player A makes 8 in a row before they miss 2 in a row they do not have to run.

Player A could make 5 in a row, then miss one.  If they miss the next shot, they run (that would be 2 misses in a row).  If they make that next shot their count is now at 1 in a row and they continue.

Player B starts to shoot once Player A is either finished with their 8 makes in a row or running their sprints for missing 2 in a row.

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