Saturday, January 4, 2014


I hope you all have had a great start to 2014.  Normally this blog is devoted to basketball and basketball coaching topics that attempt get you to think, or it's just simply sharing information.  Today's entry is slightly different as it is more of a personal reflection of mine.  Don't stop reading though as I am hoping that this will trigger some positive memories of your own that remind us all what a great profession coaching is.  This particular list will not be about wins, losses, or championships, but it will be about the many other things that we get to witness as a coach.  And these are definitely things that make our jobs enjoyable.

  • Our team volunteered to work with Special Olympians.
  • Being recognized as one of the top academic teams in our state.
  •  Watching our seniors graduate.
  • Seeing how well upperclassmen welcome younger players into our program.
  • Team get-togethers.
  • Seeing our players take part in other sports, clubs, and organizations.
  • Getting a "thank you" from a player who acknowledges the work you do as a coach.
  • Having a parent go out of their way to say "thanks".
  • Helping players organize themselves as they prepare for making a college choice.
  • Writing recommendations for players.
  • Hearing from teachers how our players are good citizens in school.
  • Seeing confidence grow in players.
  • Our team volunteered to read to elementary classrooms.
  • Seeing players step up and become leaders.
  • Watching players show genuine gratitude to their parent(s) on Parent's Night.
  • Seeing our players commit to outworking our opponent.
  • Having our players show genuine support for each other.
  • Team welcoming challenges and understanding how they help us in the long run.
  • GREAT participation by our players during the off-season (gym and weight room).
  • Players asking to keep the gym open longer during open gyms.
  • Learning new schemes and the team buying into them.
  • Treating floor burns as badges of honor.
These are just a few memories that I have from 2013. Hopefully they help remind you how lucky we are to coach.  Nobody wants to win more than I do, but there is so much more to enjoy about coaching than winning.

Have a great 2014!

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