Monday, August 10, 2015


1-and-1 Streaks is a free throw shooting drill that you can use with your entire team.  This drill gives players some added pressure to make it more game-like.

Split the team up into smaller groups at each basket.  It is not necessary to have an equal number of players at each basket.  Let your team know how many minutes they will be shooting free throws. The goal is to have the most successful 1-and-1 streaks, as a group, by the end of the drill.  

For explaining purposes let's say that there are three players at a basket (Player A, Player B, and Player C).  Each time a player gets their chance to shoot, they shoot a 1-and -1 free throw situation.

Player A steps to the free throw line to shoot a 1-and-1.  If they miss the first attempt they don't get to shoot the second free throw (just like a game).  Then Player B gets their turn to shoot.  If Player B makes the first and misses the second free throw this group still does not have a successful 1-and-1.  You have to make the first and second shot to count it as part of a streak.

If Player C makes the first and then the second free throw the group now has a streak of one.  Now Player A shoots again.  If Player A makes both the first and the second free throw their group has a streak of two.  Now it's Player B's turn again, and if they do not make the first and second free throw, the group is now back at zero.

The group that has the most consecutive successful 1-and-1's at the end of the drill, wins the drill.

This is an effective drill because it can add some focus to practicing free throws in a practice setting. The players at each basket are counting on each other and this can make shooting free throws more game-like.

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