Sunday, March 20, 2016


Jaguar 4-on-4 can give you both an offensive and defensive focus for your players. On offense you can have your team work on specific cuts, screens, or reads against pressure defense.  This drill also forces your players to offensive players to be strong with the ball, and execute great pivots.  On defense you can specify certain parts of your defense you need work on (stance, seeing both player and ball, jumping to the ball on the pass, etc).  

In Jaguar 4-on-4, the offense cannot dribble, but they are looking to score while the defense attempts to get stops. 

Each team gets 90 seconds to play offense. Most points, wins. You can add as many rounds as you like for the drill.  Each team gets to play offense and defense the same number of times.

made baskets = 2's and 3's
1 point for each complete pass

2 points for a forced turnover
1 point for every touch of the ball. Even if the offensive player continues to gain possession of the ball and the defensive player touches the ball, it is a point for the defense.


Give the offense 1 or 2 dribbles each time the catch the ball.     

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