Thursday, July 21, 2016


Buckeye Shooting works on perimeter shooting, ball handling, and conditioning. 
Line of 1's have a ball. 
Line of 2's start just inside the sideline. 
Line of 3's have a ball and line up along the lane line. 

1 and 2 start at the same time. 1 speed dribbles around the cone. 2 sprints around the cone. Designate that 1 goes closest to the cone and 2 goes over 1 to avoid a collision. 2 will spot up at spot they want to shoot from. When 1 goes around the cone they make a pass to 2. 2 shoots. 1 continues and receives a pass from 3. 1 shoots. Each player gets their own rebound. Players rotate 2-1-3.     

Drill Variation:  Require 1's (ball handlers) to make a dribble attack move during their speed dribble.

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