Sunday, August 5, 2012

COACHES SHARE RESPONSES: Would you foul in this late game situation?

Thank you to all the coaches that sent in a response to this week's COACHES SHARE.  

Situation:  Your team is ahead by 3 points. 8 seconds left in the game.  There is a timeout.  Your team is on defense, and the offense has to go the length of the court.  Both teams are in the bonus. 

QUESTION:  Do you have your team to foul and not give them a chance to tie the game with a three point basket? 

"I have been in this situation a handful of times during my coaching career and I have instructed our teams not to foul.  Only been burned on it once out of maybe ten times."
~Coach S.N. (NY)

"This is my 37th year as a head coach. I have never felt it best to give opponent an easy opportunity to score! I would not intentionally foul. Defend the 3 point line hard!!! Make your opponent execute!!!"
~Coach M.W.

 "My philosophy has flip-flopped over the years about what to have my team do in a situation like this.  Right now I am in the "foul before they shoot" camp.  I'll be interested in reading the responses of the other coaches.  Thanks for posting this question!"
~Coach T (MN)

"Makes no sense to me that you would want to 1. stop the clock, and 2. put the other team in a position to get free points.  Make them earn every point they get.  They still have to get a shot.  They still have to make the shot.  And give your own players some credit by being able to defend."
~Coach T.L. 

"Yes, foul!  Don't give the opposing team a chance to tie the game.  Make sure to foul before they attempt the shot."
~Coach C (WV)

"Foul the opponent.  I learned this the hard way last season.  We were up three late in the game and during the timeout our players were instructed to switch all screens to have a better chance to get out on the shooters. Well, we got lost on a staggered screen and left a shooter wide open.  He made a three.  We lose by five on overtime. Next time, we foul and put them on the line."
~Coach B

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