Friday, August 10, 2012


"Bunch" is a side out of bounds play that you can use when the opponent is trying to deny you from catching the inbounds pass. Bunch gives us a couple of safe entry passes as well as a chance to get a layup off the inbounds pass.

*4 will take the ball out of bounds
*1 and 5 are standing about six feet in front of 4, and they need to leave a two foot space between them.
*2 and 3 stand behind 1 and 5 leaving the same two foot space between them, as well as a two foot space between themself and the person in front of them.

 Executing The Play
The play begins with 1 setting a screen for 2. 2 will cut hard toward the sideline looking for the pass.
While 1 is setting the screen for 2, 5 will step out and turn so they can set a screen for 1. After setting the screen for 2, 1 will use 5's screen and cut hard looking for the pass. After 5 sets the screen for 1 they will immediately cut towards the basket (using a screen by 3).  After setting the screen for 5, 3 will pivot to face 4. If the ball has yet to be passed in they will cut to an open area to receive a pass from 4.

Options for 4:
Look for 2
Look for 1
Look for 5
Look for 3

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