Monday, August 13, 2012


The two main objectives of this drill is for the defender to work on
1. their positioning on the floor in relation to where the ball and their man are.
2. The defender also works on "bumping" the cutter as the offensive player they are defending tries to cut across the lane to get open.
This drill starts to set the tone for physical play for our defenders.  It also adds to the philosophy that there are no free cuts through the lane.  Make the offensive player earn their trip through the lane.

The four offensive players are aligned around the perimeter just inside the three point line. The one defender (Defender 2 in this diagram) will be guarding the offensive player 2 on the wing. The drill starts with 1 having the ball. 1 passes to 2, 2 passes to 3, and 3 passes to 4. While the ball is being passed around Defender 2 must get to their proper defensive position, stay in a good defensive stance, and saying "Ball" "Help" or "Deny" depending on which one is needed.

 When 4 receives the pass, 2 will cut hard across the lane and try to post up.  Defender 2 will already be in help position because the ball is on the opposite side of the floor as the person they are defending (2). When 2 comes into the lane, Defender 2 must bump them. Give them a physical bump and force 2 to go to a spot they don't want to go. As with our rule for 10 Defense, Defender 2 will front 2 in the post area. If 2 is open at any time 4 will pass them the ball. If 4 cannot get the ball to 2, then 4 passes back to 3 and 3 tries to make a pass to 2. If 2 receives a pass they try to score. Drill rep is done when 2 scores or Defender 2 gets a defensive rebound or a turnover.

Be physical on offense and defense.
Rotate Defender to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 to 1.

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