Friday, August 17, 2012


The Demand Defense Drill focuses on closeouts, on the ball defense, and wing denial.  These three parts of defense are related to ball side defense.  Each player's rep in the drill is quick.  Try to limit the amount of dead time in between each pass back to the coach.  This keeps the tempo of the drill up which increases the energy of the drill.

The defender (X) starts in the block area with the ball.  The offensive player (1) starts on the wing at the three point line.  Coach starts at the lane-line extended on the same side as the ball.

The drills tarts with X rolling the ball to 1.  X performs a closeout on 1.

When 1 catches the ball they immediately get in a triple threat position and take one hard dribble.  They can go either right or left, but it has to be a game-like dribble.  X will have to be in a good stance and ready to take a quick step to stay in front 1 on the dribble.  After the the dribble 1 will pivot, X continues to pressure the ball, and then 1 passes the ball to the coach.

After the pass to the coach 1 will immediately v-cut to attempt to get open while X gets in a full denial position trying to prevent the pass back to 1.  Coach will pass the ball to 1 when they get open and this might require 1 to v-cut a few times.

When 1 catches the pass the drill becomes Live.  1 gets two dribbles to attempt to score.

Rotate defense - offense - out.  New player in goes to defense.

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