Friday, September 28, 2012


Think.  Today's blog post will be keeping it simple.  Simple, but potentially powerful if you take action.  The following is a list of random questions that coaches should think about from time to time.  This particular blog post doesn't give answers or suggestions, it's to get you to think,  Enjoy!

*If you are a head coach have you done anything lately for your assistant coaches?
*If you are an assistant coach have you done something lately for another coach on your staff?
*When is the last time you met with your captain(s) to talk leadership?
*When is the last time you let your youth coaches know you appreciate them?
*How often do you sit down and share thoughts and ideas with your A.D.?
*When is the last time your staff got together to talk about your program?
*Do your players know your core coaching beliefs well enough to the point where they could run a practice effectively without you?

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