Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This set play will give you a quick and easy look off of a lob pass.

1 starts with the ball at the top of the key.  4 and 5 are post type players and will start at each elbow.  2 and 3 will start in the corners beyond the three point line.  You will want to have your best three point shooter start on the same side as 1 will initially dribble the ball to make the play look like you are setting that player up for a three point shot.

5 steps out to set a ball screen for 1.  1 dribbles hard off the screen.  At the same time 4 sprints to set a screen for 2.  2 comes off the screen hard and then stops at the free throw line (about a step off the ball side elbow) and sets a back screen for 5.  5 uses the screen and looks for the lob pass over the top from 1. 

3 will have to read the defense to decide where they will go. If there defense is giving too much help in the lane they will want to fill cut up the three point line.  If they are not over helping in the lane 3 will stay in the corner.

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