Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yesterday coaches were asked to write in to share some of their ideas on team bonding activities.  Below are some of the responses.  Thanks for sharing with others!

"We have our high school players work at our elementary basketball camp in the summer.  The varsity players take turns bringing lunch for each other throughout the week of camp."
~Coach T.L. (KS)

"This idea actually came from one of our assistant coaches. On a day we don't have a scheduled game or practice we go bowling (twice during our season).  Each time we draw names to form teams.  The winning team enjoys bragging rights at the following practice."
~Coach Megan (MA)

"One of the team bonding activities we do is we have our players create a team scrapbook together.  They do add articles and pictures from the newspaper.  But they also add post-it notes where they add specific practice or game memories."
~Coach B (MI)

"Once a week a family of one of our players will host a team meal."
~Coach M.G. (NE)

"Each summer our players take part in one community service project. We have done things like clean one of the city parks, yard work for senior citizens, and carry grocery bags for customers at a local supermarket."
~Coach P (TX)

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  1. Great ideas, and thanks to all the coaches for sharing!


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