Monday, July 16, 2012


Passing the ball into the post area is an overlooked skill that needs to be practiced just like you practice all other areas of the game.

*Passing to an offensive player in the post
*Ball fakes
*Creating space (pivot or dribble) to make a successful pass into the post player.
*Post moves

*To maximize space there can be two groups working on each wing and post. For the description of this drill from here on out we will refer to the right side of the court. The left side will be doing the same thing.
*1 has the ball at the three point line area on the wing.
*Defender 1 guards 1 "live" out on the wing.
*2 starts just above the block.


*1 will attempt to make a post entry pass to 2 as Defender 1 is guarding 1 closely. Defender 1 is attempting to tip any pass that 1 makes.
*1 will have to use ball fakes or step through pivots to clear space for them to enter the ball to 2. 1 can also use one or two dribbles to improve their passing angle.
*2 must remain in good post up position, and calling for the ball.
*When the catch the pass 2 will execute a post move and score the ball. The coach can designate a particular post move to be worked on. This can vary from player to player.
*Rotate passer (1), to defense (Defender 1), to post up player (2). The post up player now becomes the new passer.

*The passers can be moved to the lane-line extended area to give a high-low pass to practice.
*Have a defender play "live" defense behind the player posting up to make it a 2-on-2 drill.

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