Friday, July 20, 2012


Coaches are always looking for ways to promote their basketball programs.  Today's article will show you a way to promote your program in a way that honors people outside your basketball world.  It's about honoring teachers.  And this can be done at one of your games. 

Teachers have the ability to make a positive impact on our players just as much as a coach can.  Why not let your players publicly honor those teachers that have made a positive impact on their lives?  The following are reasons why you may want to consider doing this:
  • Good teachers deserve the recognition in your community.
  • It gives the coaches and basketball program a chance to facilitate a positive bond between athletics and the teaching staff at your school.
  • Your players will realize the importance of and the power of recognizing someone for their good work.  
  • This is a great public relations activity for your program.
  1. Have each player choose one teacher to recognize.  It could be a current teacher, a teacher from elementary school, or any teacher from their past.  Have each player choose a different teacher.
  2. Each player will write a 2 or 3 sentence statement as to why this teacher made a positive impact on them.  These statements will be typed up and placed as an insert to the game program.
  3. Have a form letter for each player that will serve as an invitation for the teacher.  The letter will include all the necessary information to help the teacher understand the process.  Let them know the player has chosen them as a teacher to be recognized at a game.  Give them specific information (date, game time, when they need to arrive).  Also include a free ticket to the game for the teacher and their family.
  4. Prior to warm-ups is a great time for the recognition of the teachers. Have the teachers introduced on the court along with the player who is honoring them.  The PA announcer can introduce the player, the teacher they are recognizing, and read the short statement the player the player wrote (that is also in the game program).  
  5. After the game you can have a social gathering at your school for the players and the teachers they recognized.  Serve cake and refreshments.
This can be a tremendously positive event for everyone involved.  Not only are your players recognizing some deserving individuals, but you are also helping your players understand the power of recognizing others.  Another potential result is that it can create a positive buzz about the basketball team amongst the teachers in your school district.

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