Sunday, July 29, 2012

COACHES SHARE RESPONSES-What did you do this summer to make yourself better as a coach?

Coaches, THANK YOU once again for your responses.  Sharing ideas with other coaches is what it is all about.  Coaches Share will be each Saturday and responses posted on Sundays.  Feel free to share your ideas next week!

"Our coaching staff met with the coaching staff of a successful program in our part of the state.  They were willing to share their philosophy with us.  Both staffs learned from each other."
~Coach T (TX)

"I buy two coaching DVD's each summer and use them as almost a coach's clinic at home."
~Coach Gary (UT)

"This summer I worked at basketball camps for the first time in five years.  Long days, but well worth it.  Being surrounded by other coaches with such passion for basketball re-energized me."
~Coach M.L. (NY)

"1. Worked at a basketball camp.  I learned from other coaches while there.  2. Ran a camp for the players in our program. 3. Read Coach K's book Leading With The Heart."
~Coach T.R. (WI)

"The most important thing I did this summer was I broke down our game films again from our previous season.  Polished up my notes on our opponents and our own returning personnel."
~Coach D (AR)

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