Friday, August 3, 2012


The 2-on-2 Post Entry combines many different skills into one drill.  Ultimately it gives your players a chance to work on their 2-man game on one side of the floor. This drill is ideally ran in groups of four to ensure your players get as many reps as they can.

-post up technique
-post entry passing
-defensive closeouts
-post defense
-2-man game

Two defenders start out on the baseline.  1 is an offensive player in the post and 2 is an offensive player on the wing.  One defender starts with the basketball.

The drill starts with the defender passing the ball out to 2.  As soon as the pass is made to 2 both defenders will hustle out to the players they are defending.  X2 will perform a closeout, while X1 will defend the post per your defensive philosophy (1/2 front, 3/4 front, full front, or play behind).

Once 2 catches the ball the drill is "live".  If 1 is open in the block 2 will pass the ball inside.  2 could also dribble once or twice to get a better passing angle.  If 1 receives a pass they need to have the mentality of attacking the basket by using a post move.

If 2 decides to attack the basket 1 must move to an opening.  A drive to the baseline will allow 1 to find an opening by sliding up the lane.  A drive towards the middle of the lane will give 1 a chance to slide a step or two towards the short corner to get open.

Offense and defense switch after each rep.  If you have three groups of two players (6 total players) then rotate defense-offense-out.

Make sure to move the drill to the other side of the floor halfway through the allotted drill time.

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