Wednesday, August 1, 2012


There are a number of different type of hustle plays in the game of basketball that can help gain an advantage for your team.  One example is to offensive rebound at a high level.  It takes a lot of effort, energy, and desire to be a good offensive rebounding team.  Getting those extra possessions throughout a game can be a real difference maker in getting the outcome to be in your favor.

Coaches have different philosophies when it comes to offensive rebounding.  Some will send only three players to the boards, some four, and I know some that send all five players to the glass.  Regardless of what your philosophy is the main thing a coach needs to do with their team is to emphasize offensive rebounding every single day in practice.  You can't expect your team to become a great offensive rebounding team just on game nights.  It has to be a part of the team's mentality, and to get to that point it has to be done each day.

One way to emphasize offensive rebounding to your team is to reward it as part of a scoring system in practice.


Set up a scrimmage situation.  It doesn't matter if your scrimmage is controlled, full court, half court,  or an all out game-like scrimmage.  Keep score as you normally would in any team scrimmage.  The one difference would be to add +1 point to a team's score for every offensive rebound they get throughout the scrimmage.  Using this scoring system a team could realistically win a scrimmage to five points without ever putting the ball in the basket.  Obviously this would not be ideal, but it will really get your players to attack the boards with a higher level of aggressiveness.

Adding points for offensive rebounds can also be added to your drill work (when it is applicable).

By implementing points for offensive rebounds in your practices you are helping make offensive rebounding a big part of what you do as a team.  It takes more than just telling your players to attack the boards harder, it has to be a part of the mentality of your team.


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