Friday, July 27, 2012


3-on-1 Defend The Post Drill

The purpose of this drill is for  players to work on getting to the proper position in the post.  That position depends on your philosophy on defending a post-up player.  You may want to 1/2 front, 3/4 front, or full front.  Focus should be on effort, technique, and footwork.  The diagram and description will show the defender working on full front of the post-up player.

1 starts with the ball at the top, starting lane line extended at the three point line. 2 is in the corner at the three point line, and 3 is on the block area. Defender 3 will start behind 3.

To start the drill 1 will slap the ball. When the ball is slapped Defender 3 will use proper technique to step over 3 so they can get to the front position. 3 will let Defender 3 get to the front to start the drill. This gives us technique work with getting to the front. Two ways to get to the front:
1. Defender 3 is behind 3. Defender 3 will step with their right foot (foot closest to baseline) around 3. Now Defender 3's backside is on 3 and they are in the front.
2. Club & Swim. From this position Defender 3 will use their left hand/arm as leverage as they place it with force on 3's left side (this is the club). Defender 3 will then put their right arm over the
top and around 3 while stepping through with their right foot (as they did in the first example). This will get them to the front.

Once Defender 3 gets to the front the drill is live. 3 tries to pin Defender 3 to get open. They have to stay in the block area. Defender 3 works to stay in front. 1 and 2 pass back and forth until they can get a pass to 3.  Over the top lob passes are not allowed in this drill as there are no backside help defenders.

The drill rep ends when 3 scores, Defender 3 gets a turnover or a defensive rebound. The drill rep can also end if the coach feels Defender 3 is doing a great job after a few passes back and forth by 1 and 2. Blow the whistle and rotate.

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