Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There are times in every game where your team needs to gain the momentum back.  Listed below are 7 quick ways to gain back that momentum and give your team a lift that can change the outcome of the game in your favor.

1. Three point baskets. 
  • A made three point basket does more than give you an "extra" point for a made shot.  There always appears to be a psychological edge to a made three.  Put together a few made 3's in successive possessions and the momentum will quickly swing your way.
2. Taking a charge.
  • Taking a charge is one of the most unselfish plays in basketball.  A player giving up their body for the team can provide a huge lift to the players and fans of your team.
3. Scoring in transition.
  •  Running the floor once your team gains possession of the ball helps increase your chances to score in transition.  Try to get good shots before the defense is set.
4. Forcing turnovers.
  • Increase your defensive pressure on the ball.  Get in the passing lanes.  Trap the ball.
5. Offensive rebounds.
  • Scoring on second or third shots can be disheartening for your opponent.  Send more of your players to the offensive boards to get those second shots!
6. Hustle plays.
  • Like taking a charge, making a hustle play can provide a big energy boost for your team and fans. Diving on the floor for a loose ball, saving a ball from going out of bounds, and sprinting from behind to tip the ball from an opponent are a few examples of hustle plays.
7. Made free throws.
  • To get to the free throw line your team needs to be in more of an attack mode with the ball.  This might be getting the ball inside or attacking the basket from the perimeter off the dribble.

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