Tuesday, July 24, 2012


*Half court defense
*Transition defense
*Offensive execution
*Transition offense

*Set players up on offense and defense (5-on-5) at one basket.
*One player on offense has a ball.
*Coach is along a sideline with a basketball.

*Offense will run through a half court offensive set called by the coach.
*Defense will run the defense called by the coach.
*As the teams are playing 5-on-5 at some point the coach will blow the whistle to alert the teams that there will be a change of possession.
*On that whistle the player with the ball will throw the ball off to the side (off the court) and the offense starts to sprint back on defense (they are now the defensive team).
*Meanwhile the defensive team now becomes offense.  Coach passes the ball to a player in the backcourt as they are transitioning to offense.  The team now on offense will focus on your transition offense, while the team now on defense will execute your transition defense philosophy.
*NOTE:  If the offense scores while running their half court offensive set the drill rep will end there.  Reset at the top  and start the next rep.

*If the offense scores while running through their half court offense you can continue the drill by having the new team on offense NOT take the ball out-of-bounds. Simply take the ball out of the hoop and start your transition offense.  This will put more pressure on the defense to get back.

*To put even more pressure on the team transitioning back on defense have each player on that team slap the floor with their hands before they sprint back on defense.  This will give the offense an extra step advantage and force the team on defense to really understand the necessary speed it takes to get back on defense.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this drill. I'm always looking for transition defense drills.


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