Sunday, July 22, 2012

COACHES SHARE RESPONSES-What Motivates You As A Coach?

Thank you to all the coaches who shared their thoughts for this week's Saturday Coaches Share:  What motivates you as a coach?  Your willingness to share your thoughts gives all of us a chance to continue to learn, and motivates us as coaches. 

"What motivates me as a coach is to coach a group of girls who are doing whatever they can to get better in the offseason. Going to camps, playing pick up games, and in the weight room. It shows me that they want to succeed and want to win so that motivates me to show them how much I care about their success."
~Coach D.L. (TN)

"I see basketball as a forum to help others reach their potential.  Nothing is more motivating to me than to see a player get as much as they can out of their abilities."
~Coach T.R. (WA)

"Many things motivate me as a coach.  A few of them are (not in any special order) 1. Working with young people and being able to teach them the sport and help them develop a work ethic. 2. The thrill of competing.  I still enjoy it.  3. The challenge of making myself better."
~Coach W (TX)

"I have been doing this for 26 years and I am still motivated to keep learning."
~Coach R.S. (IA)

"Making a positive impact on others and getting a chance to continue working with a sport that I have been around my entire life."
~Coach B (IL)

"I get motivated by others.  I have been a coach at the college level, and now high school, and I have been around so many great coaches.  They have taught me so much.  I want to share what I've learned from these great coaches with others.  I am constantly motivated by the things other coaches do, whether it is a drill I have seen or the success they've had on the court."
~Coach S.N. (NY)

"I am motivated by my players."
~Coach T (MN)

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