Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterday coaches were asked to share some of their thoughts on length of practice time during the season.  Below are some of the responses.  Thank you to all the coaches who shared!

"Regardless of the time of season we are in we never stay on the court for more than two hours."
 ~Coach T (WI) High School Coach

"At the beginning of the season we keep our players on the floor about two-and-a-half hours.  Once our games start it goes down to two hours.  At the end of the season I lessen it to ninety minutes."
~Coach Brent (MA) High School Coach

"I've always had the policy that in the last third of our season I don't keep our players on the court for more than two hours."
~Coach B.E. (TX) High School Coach

"Longer at the beginning of the year.  Shorten practice up as the year goes on."
~Coach M (FL) Youth Coach

"We keep our players on the court for about 2 hours to start. As we start to prepare for our post-season tournament we spend less time on the court (maybe 80 minutes) and we watch film more."
~Coach G (MN) High School Coach

"I generally don't have a specific amount of time for my teams.  Each team is different each year and I have to gauge what they can handle and need as far as practice time goes.  One piece of advice I have for younger coaches is don't keep your team on the floor for longer periods of time just because you scheduled a practice for 'x' hours. Watch your players and talk to them to gauge what they can handle each day."
~Coach T (WA)

"Depends on what our objectives are for each day. Some days we practice longer if we need it."
~Coach M (IL)

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  1. On average about 2 hours the first 2 weeks then we gradually decrease till we are about 80-90 minutes at the end of the season.


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