Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Coaches want their players to play with a level of toughness.  Asking them to play tough is one thing, but teaching them to play tough is another.  One drill to use to help create a toughness in your team is the  3-on-3 Dead Ball Drill.

*Deny defense
*Mental Toughness

*Three offensive players start with one player on the point, and one on each wing.
*Defender on the ball gives ball pressure. The wing defenders are in full deny position.

*Split your team into groups of three.
*Offense cannot dribble. They are not shooting either. They must use pivots to create space so they can make passes.
*Defense denies their person the ball.  No help responsibilities.
*One rep is for 30 seconds. Offense can use the entire halfcourt area. Do not go out of bounds.
*Offense plays keep away from the defense while the defenders are denying every pass.
*If the defense gets a turnover, or they tip the ball out of bounds the rep is over. Then defense goes to offense and a new defensive team comes on the floor.
*If the offense goes the duration of the rep (30 seconds) without a turnover or tipped pass, they win. For every rep a group of three has a turnover or a tipped pass they will be assigned some type of running or push-ups.  Example:  one line drill for every tipped pass or turnover.

Coaches will learn a lot about players as this is an exhausting drill, but it reinforces the mentality a defender must have to be successful and how well an offensive player can keep their composure.


  1. This is a GREAT DRILL! We do it a lot in 2 on 2. We actually use the following progression:

    Rip Throughs
    -Spin the ball, catch, rip and pivot 3x. Repeat with other foot (or same if you are 1 foot pivot player)

    Boss Drill
    -Groups of 2 with 1 ball. Defense starts with the ball. Defense throws to offense and offense has to rip and pivot for 30 seconds while the defender hacks him, fouls him, crowds him, etc.
    -Offense goes to defense

    2v2 Ten Pass Drill
    -Same drill as above with 2 on 2. Players have to make 10 passes in a row to win. Losers have 15 pushups. Increase to 15 passes as they master the drill. Can't dribble, can't shoot, just pass and move.

    3v3 No Dribble
    -Play 3 on 3. We are now looking to score but still can't dribble. Can add screens if you want.

    Anyway, love the article! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Hopefully some of this helps you.

  2. It seems to be a useful drill. Hey, can you tell me when to execute this drill? Thanks for sharing,


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