Wednesday, July 11, 2012


How prepared is your team?  There are countless situations in basketball that a coach must have their team prepared for.  The following situation may only happen one time during your season, if at all, but when the situation arises you will be glad your team was prepared.  To be prepared for it means you have to practice it.

Situation:  You are down by 4 points.  Your team has the ball, baseline out of bounds.  No timeouts left.  You have to go the length of the floor.  Five seconds remain on the game clock. 

One way to attack this situation is by first having a way to get the ball to a player you would like to take the last shot.  This could be getting a certain player the ball directly on the inbounds pass or on the first pass after the ball is thrown in play.

Because you are down by four points, and only time for one shot, obviously attempting just a 3-point basket does you no good.  So you need to teach your players to get a three point shot while attempting to draw contact and foul from the nearest defender.  This can get you to the free throw line, and with a made three point basket a chance at a four point play.

Obviously this isn't something you would practice with your players every day.  The inbounds play should be practiced weekly for sure, but the actual practice of shooting while drawing contact, no.  You have countless other things to work on.

Expect the unexpected and BE PREPARED FOR IT.

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