Thursday, July 12, 2012


The coaching profession is extremely rewarding.  Just like every profession there are highs and lows.  But the rewards of being a coach makes the coach rich.  Rich?  Not monetarily, unless you're a high priced NBA or college coach.  The riches that come with being a coach are the fact a coach can positively impact the lives of other people.

Have you ever wondered why you gravitated towards coaching?  If each coach were to write a list of all the reasons they decided to be a coach you would get a number of different responses on those lists, along with plenty of similarities.  It is highly probable that somewhere on their list each coach would have the name of a coach that had a positive impact on them when they were an athlete.  Whether you are a new coach, or a coach nearing retirement, we all had at least one coach who made a positive impact that helped us become the person we are today.

I challenge you to give back to that coach today.  What impact would you have on that coach if you contacted them today to let them know you appreciated all they did for you?  With today's technology you should be able to find a way to contact your old coach whether it is a phone call, text, email, or a letter in the mail.  If this coach is unfortunately no longer with us you can contact one of their family members to thank them for all the good Coach did for you.

It would be easy to read this article, set it aside, and forget about it.  But ask yourself, "How powerful would it be if one of my former players contacted me to say thanks?"  POWERFUL!  Give back to the coaches who positively impacted you and let them know you appreciate them.

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