Monday, August 27, 2012


The purpose of this transition offense drill is to have all five players
understanding their roles in the numbered break. It is also a VERY good drill to do for conditioning purposes. Instead of just lining up and running, the team will get a chance to work on their basketball skills while running the floor.  The drill is continuous with 1 shooting first, then 2, then 3, then 4, and finally 5.  Note: All 5 players must sprint downt the court each time even if they are not the player shooting the ball. Running for your teammates will get others open.

Alignment All 5 players start in the lane area. Coach (C) shoots the ball. On a make 5 will take the ball out of bounds like they would in a game. If C misses then 5 will secure the rebound and outlet like they would in a game. This diagram shows the first trip down the floor with 1 getting a shot. 5 outlets to 1, and 1 continues with a speed dribble down the court for a layup or a short jumper.

After 1 shot the ball the drill continues with 5 securing the rebound and throwing an outlet to 1. All five players continue down the court to their respective spots. This diagram shows the next part of the drill when 2 gets their shot. 1 makes the pass ahead to 2, and 2 will attack the basket with a layup.

The next player to get a shot in this continuous drill is the 3. After the 2 shot their layup, 5 secured the ball and outlets the ball to 1. 1 then makes a dribble and passes ahead to 3 down the left side of the court. 3 then attacks the basket for a layup. Again, all 5 players are sprinting downt he court, not just the person getting the shot.

4 is the next player to get their shot in this continuous drill. After 3 completed their layup, 5 will secure the ball and outlet to 1. All five players sprint down the court to their spots. RUN FOR YOUR TEAMMATES! 1 catches the outlet pass, takes a dribble or two, and then passes ahead to 4. 4 then attacks the basket for a layup.

5 is the last player to get their shot during this continous full court drill. After 4 shot the ball, 5 secures the ball and outlets to 1. All five players sprint down the floor to their spots. Instead of 1 making a pass ahead they will speed dribble down the floor to one side of the free throw lane extended. 1 will jumpstop at the three point line area, make a ball fake, and then pass to 5 as they come down to the three point line as the trailer. When 5 catches the ball they will make a shot or pass fake and then attack the basket for a layup.

*Include a manager at each end to provide some sort of distraction for the offense as they attempt to score or on the outlet pass.
*Designate which players can shoot 3 point shots instead of layups.

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