Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Hawk Rebounding Drill not only works on blocking out, rebounding, and promoting an aggressive mentality in your players, but it also works on communication and court awareness.

Four offensive players line up around the three point line.  Space the players out equally apart and as far apart as they can get.  This will force the defenders to work even harder to get to their blockout.  These four players have their backs to the baseline.

The drill starts when the coach (with ball) yells out one of the defensive players names. At the same time the coach will pass the ball to one of the four offensive players.

The name of the defender that the coach called out is also the player that will execute a closeout on the player who received the pass from the coach. At the same time the other three defenders must scramble and communicate as to which of the other three offensive players they are going to guard.  They all must yell out, "I have _______!"

The offensive player that caught the pass from the coach will immediately make one pass and that player will take a shot.  Defenders will allow the shot to be taken for the purpose of the drill.  All four defenders must blockout the offensive players as they all go for the rebound.

Scoring System
+1 for a defensive rebound
+2 for an offensive rebound

The team with the most points at the end of the drill, wins.  Give each team an equal number of opportunities to be on offense and defense.

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  1. Great boxing out and communication drill Greg.

    I've saved it and I'll be sure to use it in the future! Thanks.

    - Coach Mac


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