Sunday, August 26, 2012


Thank you to the coaches who took the time to submit a response to the Coaches Share.  Every comment submitted has the potential to give other coaches a new idea that could help their team.

This week's Coaches Share question:  What is your philosophy as to how many minutes of shooting you do in one of your practices?  Do you have a set amount of time for each practice?  Do you try to get your players a certain number of shots?  Does it vary from day to day?
"I make sure to dedicate at least 20 minutes of formal shooting drills for practices.  I always have one drill that is specific by position."
~Coach Michael

"We play a style of basketball that gives us a lot of three point opportunities so we shoot plenty of 3's each day in practice.  I don't set a certain number of minutes each practice that is dedicated to shooting.  I would estimate that each of our players shoot at least one hundred 3's a day though."
~Coach B

"Our first fifteen minutes of practice are dedicated to shooting during and loosening up.  Some days we do more at the end of practice as well."
~Coach T.R. (MA)

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