Thursday, September 6, 2012


2 lines (1 and 2) start along the lane line along the baseline.  Two coaches start out on the perimeter, beyond the three point line, and wider than the lane line extended.  One coach starts with a ball.

The first two players in each line get the first rep.  Because the ball is on 1's side, 1 will sprint out and closeout on the coach with the ball.  2 will sprint out to a help position.  Both players need to be in a good defensive stance.

The coach with the ball will immediately throw a reversal pass to the other coach.  1 will now get to help position while 2 closes out on the ball.

The coaches will make a total of three passes with this group.  Each pass that is made 1 and 2 will either get to a closeout on the ball or to help position.  Immediately after the third pass the first two players are out and the next two sprint in.  The coaches do NOT wait for the next two players to get in to start their passing of the ball.  This forces the next two players to sprint in to the drill.  The drill continues this way until every player has received three reps.

COACHING POINT:  It is important to also teach communication in this drill.  There should be constant chatter by the two defensive players in the drill.  When guarding the ball they should be yelling, "Ball!"  When in help position they should be yelling "Help!"

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