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Thank you to the coaches who took the time to respond to our Saturday Coaches Share.  Your input inspires us all.

The topic for this Coaches Share is:  What is the routine of your team prior to taking the floor to warmups?  What do you and your team do to prepare?
 "We typically get to the gym and hour before game to stretch and take care of any pre-game business.  If there is no game prior to ours, the team will get some shots up.  35 minutes prior the team goes into locker room or team room and talk scouting report and game plan. I leave and my team has "Team Time", last year they talked about goals and then did an unusual pre game chant.  I had a manager tape it one day and the girls were getting "Ray Lewis" excited prior to game.  Screaming, yelling, and cheering to the captains commands.  It was pretty cool to see how much they enjoyed each other and coming together at the end before hitting the floor. 
The team then comes out for pre game warmup routine and at the 5:00 mark I bring them in for a quick recap of scouting report and a couple words of encouragement.  They go back out and do full speed lay-ups to get a legs and blood flowing and it's game time." 
~Coach Roger DiCarlo
 "We meet as a team as soon as halftime of the JV game is over.  During this meeting we go over our scouting report and game plan.  We then have a different player speak before each game.  This player will give their teammates some type of inspirational message.  In the past some players use a quote and apply that quote to that night's game, or to a situation the team may be experiencing at that time of the season.  Others have spoken about the importance of that night's game and they highlight major points of the game plan.  By that time the team is ready to go through their individual stretching routine where they are allowed to wear headphones and listen to their favorite music.  Then it is time to take the floor."
~Coach Barry (WI)
"We found every player has a different routine and environment that works for them. Some loud music, some quiet reflection, etc.  We would then meet for 5-8 minutes, go over scouting report, matchups, what we need to do,give them their notecard with 3 focus.  Last year we experimented with it and found before the game players did best when getting self mentally ready. We would take the floor and not go back into the locker room."
~Coach Carrier (MN)

"We have found over the years that the time before you take the floor for pre-game warmups needs to be structured.  The more structured it is the more our players appeared to be focused and ready to play.  We go over scouting reports first.  Then we give our team a specific message for the game.  Then we give the players some time to do what they feel they have to do to get ready to play by giving our team five to ten minutes to themselves in the locker room.  At that time they are on their own to get ready to play.  Whatever they do at that time is up to them.  Music is usually a part of this time.  The coaches will then notify the players when it is time to start warmups on the court before the game."
~Coach T.L. (TN)

"We make sure our team is in the locker room by the end of the 3rd quarter of the JV boys game. At this time, We will talk to the girls for about 8-10 minutes about what we were are going to do and our approach for the game. Pre Game warmups are 15 minutes long and we have a routine of stretching and getting loose. Shooting mid range jumpers and free throws and working on Close Outs before it is time for the tip!"
~Drew Lyness/Assistant Girls Basketball Coach/Soddy Daisy High School

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