Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This free throw shooting drill adds requires a little more focus by players if they are to win the drill.  There are a few different ways to run this drill as you can run it as a team, in small groups, or individually.

Regardless of how you decide to run the drill the scoring will remain the same.
Made free throw that is a swish = +1 point
Made free throw that hits rim and/or backboard = +0 points
Missed free throw = -1 point

Have each player on your team shoot a designated number of free throws using the scoring system listed above.  If you have each player shoot one free throw, the goal should be to achieve half the points per number of players.  For example if you have 14 players on your roster the goal should be to get 7 points.  That means 7 swishes.  You can adjust the scoring however you like.

If you run the drill with small groups you could have each group compete against each other. The group with the highest points, wins.  Doing the drill in smaller groups allows your players to shoot more free throws.

If you do the drill by having your players keep individual scores have a record score for the team to try and beat.  For example, if a player gets a score of 6 when shooting ten free throws and that is the high score then this is the score the players will try to beat next time you do the drill. 

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