Friday, September 7, 2012


Guiding your youth coaches is important to the future success of teams in your basketball program.  These are extremely valuable people that are giving their time to help your program.  Here are ten things to consider that might help them feel more comfortable with what their doing, and in turn will help them be more successful. 

1. Give them a list of skills that each grade level should be (at a minimum) should be working on.
2. Give them access to drills. One idea is to create a booklet of drills for them to use. It can be used as a reference guide throughout their season.
3. Give them a list of basketball coaching websites that is applicable to them.
4. Host a coaching clinic for your youth coaches.  During the clinic you can show them, and have them practice specific skills you want them to teach.  Another idea is to record the clinic and give each youth coach a copy so they can refer back to it throughout their season.
5. Attend a practice of each youth team.  Let the youth coach know ahead of time that you will be stopping in to watch or help out.
6. Give them a playbook of what you want them to implement at their grade level. It is important that they start to build the foundation of what you are doing offensively and defensively throughout your program.  Allow them some freedom to add some of their own ideas but the core principles of your offense and defense should be taught.
7. Invite the youth coaches to your own practices.
8. Keep in touch with them through email, texts, phone calls, or visit in person.  Let them know you are available to them.
9. Teach them the things that are of value to you as a coach and what you want all the players in your basketball program to value. 
10. Let them know what they do is important - because it is.  The youth coaches in your program are helping build your future teams.  They need to know they are appreciated.

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