Monday, September 3, 2012


Flat is a BLOB play that is effective mostly against a man-to-man defense.
ALIGNMENT: The most important spot in the alignment is having a post who can attack off the dribble line up at the block in front of the inbounder. The other post player will line up on the opposite block. 1 will line up in the corner
opposite of the inbounder. 2 will line up in the corner beyond the three point line on the same side as the inbounder.

4 must engage their defender as they line up. Do not stand and allow their defender to play anywhere they like. 4 should try to get their defender pinned on their right or left hip, depending which way they like to face.  To start the play 3 lobs the ball over the top of 4 so 4 catches the ball midway
up the lane. 4's back will be to the basket on the catch.

As the ball is being passed to 4, 5 sets a screen for 1. 1 must get to the top of the key area.  3 will cut to the side away from the ball to clear out the entire ball side.  4 must be in an athletic/strong position with the ball because their back is to the basket or baseline.  When 4 catches the ball, 2 will cut hard around 4 to give the impression of a hand off.  4 fakes the hand off to 2, then takes one dribble to the outside and attacks the basket.

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